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Slovakia is one of the most successful central European countries with 5 million population. The capital city name is Bratislava with 500 - 700 Thousands people.

Slovakia is an EU member since 2004, and entered to The Schengen countries from 2007, with EURO currency.

The neighbors are Austria, Czech republic, Hungary, Ukraine & Poland.
This country is famous because of the most beautiful touristic locations, warm and very kind people, easy rules and regulation and laws, flat Tax, cheap labor and energy,  guarantee for investment, and also transportation access to many European countries very closely. This country has many more new points and opportunities, which make it different by some other East and Central EU countries.

Mohajer s.r.o.
The group of Mohajer s.r.o. has started its professional consultancy services from 1998 and kept it active till now.

The main consultancy subjects:

  • Foreign Investment in European Union countries;
  • Business start for foreigners in European Union countries;
  • Trade, marketing, import & Export in European Union countries;
  • Tourism in European Union countries;
  • Real Estate in European Union countries;
  • Education in European Union countries;
  • Relocation & Immigration in European Union countries;

Great local connections, having our own offices in Slovakia, having professional and skilled Slovakian advocates and secretaries, fully and updated knowledge about rules and regulations in Slovakia, have given us that much power and dare to introduce ourselves, as one of the BEST consultancy group in Slovakia and central Europe.

Here you can find some of our consultancy services titles in Slovakia:

  • Business starting in any trading, Industrial, Service, Tourism, Education and … activities;
  • Company Registration, Registered office, opening branches in all European Union, Accounting and Bookkeeping and Tax services;
  • Marketing, Business contracts, Banking, Transportation, Custom and any other official needed services;
  • Translation, Agreement design, Checking official documents for any trading or Real Estate deal;
  • Arranging Temporary and Permanent Residence Permits, and even Citizenship of European Union for applicants and their family by %100 success rate (full details are available on request);
  • Designing Business plans for your ideas in EU countries;
  • Money Transfer from your country to Slovakia;
  • Buy or rent of any property for you, with control of all official process and documents on behalf of you to save your investment;
  • Arranging Business licenses and any work and trading permits;
  • Purchasing cars for you (even with loan from local banks);
  • Introducing local and International Schools, colleges and Universities, and arranging administration and any other necessary things for your children;
  • Medical and other Insurances for all family members;
  • Opening personal and business Bank Accounts, and loans;
  • Construction projects management for your any investment in development projects;
  • Arranging European Union Driving license with 15 years validity, which able you to drive in most of the countries in all over the World freely;

And any other support and help, which may you need to be arranged before your entry and relocation to Europe.

Feel free to contact us. Be sure, you will get complete response from our skilled team in very short time.